What type of life insurance is best for my needs?

Term life insurance provides low-cost coverage for a defined period of time. We offer ten, fifteen, and thirty-year level term options, although the best buy for the money is typically a twenty-year level term. The defined period is the length of time the rate remains the same. Selection of a term policy should coincide with anticipated obligations over a defined period.

Some people need insurance at an affordable rate for as long as they live. This type of coverage is called permanent insurance. As you get older this becomes increasingly important. For example, if you were 65 and purchased a ten-year level term, what are you going to do if you need coverage after age 75? A level plan for life would have been a better choice.

Need a quote?

For a simple and quick term insurance email your date of birth and requested amount to (cturner@executive-ideas.com).

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